I am Janet L. Westbrook, a health physicist and radiological engineer who lives in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

This site makes available a book on my whistleblower experiences as a radiation protection professional at a Department of Energy site.  The primary audience is my fellow rad protection specialists, but others may have an interest in it because of the implications for safety in general and for impacts on the community. For a summary of what the book is about, the reader can start with the last chapter.

I wrote the book to:

  • Relate the events leading to my reporting of radiation safety concerns and pursuing a complaint through the DOE whistleblower system

  • Express my opinions on safety management and safety philosophy

  • Provide a history of rad protection as I saw it at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

In the interests of free and prompt dissemination of information, I have chosen to post this book on the Internet, where all can see it, and not to publish it in paper form.  Please feel free to print out a copy of this book for yourself and for any interested friends.  You may also quote it.  However, if you print it out or quote it, you must respect the copyright and give proper credit to me as author.

I welcome any factual corrections or any explanations that might cause me to revise my thinking or my understanding of the various events or situations. Please direct any such corrections or explanations, and also any comments you may have, to me at  janet.westbrook@comcast.net


Copyright Janet L. Westbrook, 26 February 2006