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2005 NCSD Topical Meeting

Area Information

Knoxville, TN

knoxvilleKnoxville is nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains and enjoys shimmering blue lakes and rolling green valleys.

Knoxville hosts the flagship campus of the University of Tennessee (UT). Housed within UT is the Joint Institute for Computational Science (JICS). JICS was established by The Science Alliance, a Center of Excellence in Tennessee, as a consortium among UT, ORNL, and other participating academic institutions within Tennessee, and delegated the task of facilitating high-performance computing research.

Knoxvillians and visitors alike savor an enchanting assortment of cultural diversions---the Knoxville Museum of Art, bluegrass and jazz musicians, ballroom, swing, and country/western dances, riverboat excursions, and fine dining coupled with the warm hospitality of the South.

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Oak Ridge, TN

Oak Ridge, Tennessee, is nestled between the Great Smoky and Cumberland mountains and lies primarily in Anderson County.

Quality of life, quality of education, quality of work ethic and ability - they're all here in this cosmopolitan city situated in the scenic splendor of East Tennessee.

The extensive energy research and development conducted by the private and public sectors make the city one of the world's greatest research centers.

Oak Ridge's ~27,000 residents enjoy an environment that's abundant in culture and leisure activities, from rowing and hiking to ballet and theater, in a city with one of the lowest costs of living and lowest crime rates in the country.

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