December 8 acceptance letters
Dear xxx xxxxx
NOTE: Two types of acceptance letters went out. One indicating that reviewers left comments as well as votes for the particular paper and the other indicating a paper received only votes.

If you have not received a notification you can still find the information by login to your personal profile and accessing your paper profile.

Please email if you have not received a notification.

PSA 2011 Submission Corresponding Author,

Congratulations- your paper "xxxxxxxxxxx" has been accepted for inclusion in the program of the PSA 2011 meeting to be held at Hilton Riverfront Hotel, Wilmington, North Carolina on 13-17 March 2011. The reviewers have accepted your paper with added comments and/or recommendations. (1)

Please follow the instructions for paper preparation and deadlines provided on the website. (2)

On Monday, December 13, 2010 you will be allowed to access your paper profile again. Your paper profile may include comments and recommendations made by selected reviewers. We would appreciate it if you could address the comments and recommendations when preparing your final full-length paper for submission.

The final full-length paper submission is due by 1/30/2011 through the PSA 2011 web site. The instructions are already posted on the web site. Please go to and pay careful attention to the 'Author Instruction' links for Phase II on the left panel of the login page. These links cover required updates to the paper profile, complete paper preparation instructions which include - Phase II Guideline, Paper preparation guidelines, templates at, Phase II Manuscript Upload, and copyright requirements.

The full-length paper to be submitted in PDF format will be included in the conference proceedings (CD). There will be a program book distributed in the meeting, and it will contain a short abstract of each paper. The short abstracts are the text only format submissions already done during the abstract submission online. However, we ask that you modify the short abstracts when you submit the full-length paper. Short abstracts are now limited to about 200 words (not to exceed 250 words) in order to be better accommodated in the program book.

On behalf of the PSA 2011 Technical Program Committee, I want to express our appreciation for your participation in PSA 2011 and for making this meeting a success.

Hanna Shapira
for Dennis Henneke
Chair, PSA 2011 Technical Committee