7-11 June 2010
Renaissance Seattle Hotel
Seattle, Washington

10th International Probabilistic Safety Assessment & Management Conference
Conference General Chair

Bruce P. Hallbert
Idaho National Laboratory
Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA
Phone: 208.526.9867
Fax: 208.526.2930
Email: Bruce.Hallbert@inl.gov

Technical Program Committee

Harold Blackman
Idaho National Laboratory
Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA
Phone: 208.526.0245
Fax: 208.526.8076
Email: Harold.Blackman@inl.gov
Scope of the Conference

This Conference will be the major international event in probabilistic safety assessment (PSA) for 2010. The Conference will present and discuss innovative methodologies and the practical applications of these technologies in both reliability analysis and PSA. The Conference will focus on the improvement of performance and safety of complex technological systems, economics, and environment — accentuating a broad PSA application and the human element. Domains will be broad to ensure the cross-fertilization of methods, technologies and ideas.
Important Dates
Full Paper Submission Closed
Pre-Conf. Workshop 5-6 Jun 2010
Conference Dates 7-11 Jun 2010

The Conference is being organized by the International Association for Probabilistic Safety Assessment and Management (IAPSAM)
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